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Mobile Blogging with Blogaway

Written By Annette Holland on 12/20/09 | 4:29 PM

I've been "moblogging" for years, ever since Blogger introduced the go@blogger.com integration with MMS.  I used to mo-blog from a Motorola camera phone (NOT a Razr), then my Dash, but not so much with my G1.  It's just not as intuitive and the other night i discovered a word limit that I wasn't aware of.

My work-around involves using AK Notepad to write the post, and then either email it, or if I had a photo attached, send photo and blog text to my flickr2blog account (yeah, I'm all over linking my accounts to my blog). This doesn't give a lot of control for formatting. I don't like blogging in the mobile blogger.com interface. It's actually more difficult to write, add pictures, etc. And if you lose data connection, there goes your post!

For over a year I have been looking for a decent Blogger blogging app. The Android Market has had two really good ones for Wordpress and LiveJournal, and even a Drupal app. It has always puzzled me why Google didnt include some sort of Blogger integration ... but I digress.

This is my second post using Blogaway. The first one I didn't realize it was a RTF editor (I should pay more attention to what the developer puts in the description) and had to do some quick editing after the post published. This time I hit "Drafts" and it published to Blogger --which is fine, but then I couldn't retrieve the post to finish editing. I'm writing the second half of this in the aforementioned Blogger website.

As you can see, I'm still learning the app. Other cool features
  • posting pictures from your gallery
  • geo-location
  • tagging
  • RSS feeds
  • grabs all of your blogs so you can post to any blogger blog you own or are a team member of
  • commenting from within the app

Finally, a Blogger app for the G1 that does what I need it to.

I was at : Mojave Fwy, Newberry Springs, CA 92365,

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