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Photo Friday: From My Past

Written By Annette on Monday | 6:54 AM

Well, I took this a little over 5 years ago. Front to back: Rosie, Kim, Gina, Angie, Debbie. I don't really talk to any of them anymore though I know that three of them are on Facebook. It was a good Women's Retreat that year. Joy was about 2, so I'm guessing the lack of blogging about it is because I was running around likea chicken with my head cut off those days :)

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  1. Interesting, in the past couple weeks I have run into & have been able to chat with Kim & Tara (grant) - it was so random but so nice to see them again. I actually go to A Womens Time now and speak with Kim quite frequently (yesterday as a matter of fact). Anyway, it's nice to remember and think fondly of old friends. :)


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