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It's Monday again

Written By Annette on Monday | 12:03 PM

A friend posted this on my myspace a while ago. I totally concur this week. Mondays suck, even more so when you work in a call center and get to look forward to talking all day, with OT, for almost 11 hours. With pharyngitis, tonsilitis, but at least my ears aren't making me cry like a baby still. That's why I went to Urgent Care on Saturday (still not sure if that is worth blogging, I just wanted to die my ears hurt so bad). I'm going to call my doctor and ask to get my tonsils taken out. This is riduculous. I get strep once in my life, but this is somewhere between 23 and 25 times that I have had tonsilitis. A friend from HS called over the weekend and was surprised that I had a case of it AGAIN! (yeah, i got it that often in HS that it was memorable, go figure). More later, it's after 5 already. Ugh.

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